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Hughes Galleries Ltd., has a small team of energetic and highly enthusiastic staff. They occupy multiple roles and travel widely. They may be contacted via phone or email. Please see our Contact page for more information

Michael Hughes

CEO and Founder

Michael is a trained teacher, a qualified social worker and an accredited therapist. He has been in business for over 30 years. He currently serves on the Council of the Northern Ireland Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Northern Ireland Business Alliance / Higher Education Forum and other related bodies. He is a contributing editor to several trade publications and travels extensively. He is married to Pauline. Darach is their son.

Pauline Hughes


Pauline is also a trained teacher and a qualified social worker. She is the real manager of the business, exercising overall control of the day to day aspects of the operation. She is also the major point of access for artists.

John Hamill

Senior Partner

John Hamill passed away, November 1, 2014 in his 100th year. He was the company’s “Senior Partner”.

But whenever we climb higher than we should,
or lift more than perhaps is wise,
or find time to enjoy a good story and a little honest craic,
then we discover that his spirit lives on in all that we do.

Darach Hughes

Company Secretary

Darach, as Company Secretary, is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that Companies’ Legislation and other relevant legal constraints are adhered to. He also manages the O’Connor Gallery in PortstewART. In his spare time, he runs (up to marathon distance), has gone ice-climbing in Scotland and has just returned from running the bulls in Pamplona. He writes for an online video gaming site and travels extensively.

Megan Hallewell

Personal Assistant

Megan works for us on a part-time basis. She is the driving force behind our eBay store and oversees students on placement. Amongst other responsibilities she also helps in the preparation and delivering of eBay courses. She also looks after our photography and scanning tasks for our eBay store. To visit our eBay shop please click here.

Rosaleen McConaghey


Rosaleen has been a professional framer for over 25 years and heads up the framing team at Breen


Caretaker of the Workshop

Bruce aka “Meatloaf” is not the Bat out of Hell but rather occupies the role of resident caretaker in our premises at Breen forest. He also keeps an eye on Laurie’s pixies who do the framing overnight and leave the completed pieces on the workbenches. Attached image is not actual size.

The Leprechauns

Credit Control Department

Breen is taken from the Irish and means “The Palace of the Fairy Kind”. The Fairy Kind (“na sidhe”) are also known as the little people or leprechauns. The forest and therefore the gallery are under the protection of the Fairy Kind. Those who would contemplate defaulting on debts should consider themselves appropriately fore-warned.

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