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Lynda Cookson

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Lynda Cookson was born in South Africa on 2nd June 1954. She has been a professional artist for 19 years and shares her love for art with others as an Art teacher for the past 7 years. In recent years she has been living and working in Brittany. She is now setting out to travel around Europe, painting as she goes, for the next few years.

Countries / cities her work has been exhibited in include South Africa, Namibia, Berlin, Germany, Christchurch, New Zealand, Florence, Barcelona, Spain, Galway, Ireland and Dublin, Ireland.


Project categories: Pictures

Sunflower : 8" x 10" : Oil on paper
Poppy : 10" x 12" : Oil on board
SOLD ... True Colours of a Sunflower : 13.5" x 11" : Oil on paper
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