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Michelle Carlin

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A recipient of many awards, both local and international, and elected member of the Ulster Watercolour society (UWS) and the Ulster Society of Womens Artists (UWA), Michelle is well known for her expressive, sensitive watercolours and oil paintings which are keenly sought after.

Her figurative art aims to capture the innocence of youth and nostalgia while her colourist paintings capture the hidden vibrancy of the colour surrounding us in nature. Throughout all her work, the exciting use of primary colour is key to expression and creativity within clean lines.

Her work, which can be found in numerous private collections worldwide has been exhibited throughout the Middle East, London and Ireland during which time she has picked up many awards. A qualified interior designer, Michelle has also been involved in the exciting world of theatre stage set and programme design and regularly donates paintings to raise funds for carious charities such as the RNLI and Children in Need.

Born in Ballymoney in 1957, Michelle also worked and lived in the Middle East for many years. She is widely travelled but is happiest at home in Ireland in her studio. As a self taught artist she strongly believes that the learning process never ceases, “Like everything else in life, the harder you work, the more you learn and ultimately achieve. It is an incredibly satisfying process.”

Project categories: Pictures

SOLD ... 12" x 16" : Oil on Board
SOLD ... 4" x 20" : Oil on Board
SOLD ... 4" x 20" : Oil on Board
SOLD ... 8" x 24" : Oil
SOLD ... Sailing
SOLD ... Boy and His Yellow Kite 7" x 6 " : Oil on Board
SOLD ... Fairhead, Ballycastle 28" x 28" : Oil on Board
SOLD ... Looking out to Sea 8" x 24" : Oil
SOLD ... Sailing 5" x 7" : Oil on board
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