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Paul Bell

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Paul was born in 1968. He studied Art and Design at Newport College, graduating with a first class honours degree from the University of Wales. He is a regular contributor to the Royal Ulster Academy and the RHA. His paintings are much sought after for their strong physical resemblance to their subject matter, both in aesthetic and analytical terms. His passion to understand the internal make-up of his subject is ever present in the sculptural quality of his portraits, whether human or animal.

One could almost walk past a Paul Bell painting: its very being is so real that it would be easy to confuse the art with the reality. It is only that the wonder of how these cows could possibly gaze from an interior wall that we accept that this is a recreated existence. We are astonished by such everyday sights, which, through the artist`s choice, present themselves into everyday space.

The physicality of these images reflect the physicality of the personality behind them. Paul is a painter of extreme diversity both in terms of application of paint and the narrative behind. However, what has to be admired most is his symbolic interpretation of what he sees and his confident, yet straightforward approach which so skillfully represents itself on canvas.

Paul’s work is in collections throughout the U.S.A., U.K. and Eire.

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SOLD Harry 36'' x 36 " : Oil on Canvas
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