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Sam McLarnon

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Sam McLarnon died in his 90th year in 2013. He was from Larne in Co. Antrim. He painted all his professional life and his distinctive style was immediately recognisable across his native Province of Ulster.

His evocative depictions of the North Antrim and Donegal coastlines captured the hearts of three generations of local art collectors.

Sam was a member of the Ulster Watercolour Society (UWS) and held six gold,silver & bronze awards from his student days and had a diploma in illustration.

Project categories: Pictures

Dunluce Castle 20" x 30" : Watercolour
SOLD ..... Lake near Dunglow, Co. Donegal - 12" x 18" : Watercolour
SOLD ..... Near Dunglow, Co. Donegal - 10" x 12" : Oil on Canvas
SOLD ..... Spring Day at Dunglow, Co. Donegal - 10" x 12" : Oil on Canvas
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