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Stephen Doig

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Doig was born in Oxford in 1964, his encounter with art began at an early age – pencil drawings and colour sketches were the foundation for the excellent work he produces today.
Following a period in various professions, including a spell in the Army, Doig decided to commit himself to painting. The combination of his talent, and his love of sport proved the ideal recipe for the creation of dramatic life studies depicting the speed, movement and skill of games such as football and rugby.
A talented draughtsman, Doig’s initial work centred upon pencil sketching, however, the confidence to add colour in the form of pastel has transformed his drawings to highly finished and accomplished paintings, combining accuracy with depth and an essential atmosphere.
Stephen Doig won the Fine Art Trade Guild’s ‘Best New Artist of the Year’ in 1997. His portrayals of sport have earned him a reputation as the country’s best contemporary sporting artist.

Project categories: Pictures

Robert & Joey Dunlop 12" x 18" : Oil Pastel
Graeme McDowell Oil Pastel : 12 " x 9 "
Rory McIlroy 10" x 14" : Oil Pastel
Golfing Greats 14" x 12 " : Oil Pastel
Darren Clarke 10" x 14" : Oil Pastel
Stephen Ferris 8" x 10" : Oil Pastel
Tom Court 10 " x 8 " : Oil Pastel
Armoy Armada Oil Pastel
Michael Dunlop 18" x 12" : Oil Pastel
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